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Sodium Hyaluronate

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Product description

1. Product introduction
Hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronan, referred to as HA), also known as hyaluronic acid and hyaluronic acid, is a polymer mucopolysaccharide formed by repeatedly linking N-acetylglucosamine and D-glucuronic acid disaccharide units. Commercially available hyaluronic acid is generally in its sodium salt form, known as sodium hyaluronate.
2. Product Features
● High security
Passed International ECOCERT Organic Cosmetics Raw Material Certification.
This product is obtained by fermentation of non-GMO strains, and the raw materials for fermentation are all of non-animal origin.
Safety tests by authoritative inspection agencies prove that the product is safe.
● High purity and low impurities
Glucuronic acid content is higher than national industry standards.
Protein, nucleic acid, heavy metal content is lower than national industry standards.
Strict production management and advanced production equipment to ensure that there are no other unknown impurities introduced during the production process and contamination by pathogenic microorganisms.
● Personalized services
Provide sodium hyaluronate products with various molecular weights, and can be customized according to customer needs.
Provide comprehensive technical support from product use to efficacy evaluation.
3. Product function
The molecular weight distribution of sodium hyaluronate is wide, 1KDa-3000KDa. The role of different molecular weight sodium hyaluronate in cosmetics is very different.
4. Test items:

5.Package:1kg/aluminum foil bag,25kg/drum or as per customers’ requirement.

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